Bland. Riding D2D v.2.0. Bland. Thanks Michael. Thanks Chugg. I can definitely say that cycling is not a one man sport. Man is it lonely out on the road alone. Time up Houston was respectable, around 4 min 20 sec, but mostly I'm most proud that I got out on the road 3 consecutive days. Today was wet, but 3 days nonetheless. To respond to "How It's Made" is that I too find that show curiously interesting. I think it's the porn music, but possibly the randomness of the subject matter. Finally, we is going to get Susie on the bike very soon. She has an appointment with a bicycle P.T. Saturday, who will fit her posiition on Gerald just right. I am mostly looking forward to biking next week once again. Bland? That's preseason baby. Personally, I love it.

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