D2D v.2.0

Again, Crash & I rode alone and again it was breezy going up Houston. Today was much better, 4 min 11 sec. After that a pretty normal ride around HP Blvd & Muk Spdwy. TheGuth & Chugg are expected back tomorrow for an attempt up Goat Loop Trail. Tomorrow's ride will be 3 consecutive rides. Just trying to stay honest. Watched a GREAT motivating movie last night. The Flying Scotsman. My favorite quote of the movie is when the protagonist is quoting Eddy Merckx about holding the Hour Ride world record. "He said he would never do it again. That damn race took three years off his life. He never wanted to go through that torture again". Hmmmm. 3 yrs off a life? torture? Sounds like St. Andy to me.

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Chris from Ventoux said...

3 Years is for sissies. You can cut off decades by smoking cigarettes. - Team Camel endorses this message.