net loss weekend

I finally got back out on my bike today. Despite indicating that I was riding last week, I didn't.
Call it a combination of weather, recovering from that nasty virus, and maybe a little laziness. The weather predictions have certainly not been a big help at all though. This weekend was expected to be a constant downpour. Torrents, they said.

Yesterday was nearly sunny all day, would have been some nice riding. Instead though, I watched tv nearly all day. I did watch The Flying Scotsman on Brian's recomendation. It was pretty good. Strange to see Billy Boyd and Brian Cox together again after their face off in LOTR:ROTK. It was good, makes me want to learn a little more about Obree.

Last night I was also sure to catch the forecast for today: A Big Wet system moving in, they says. They says the same thing when I got up this morning, that it's already hitting the coast and would be raining here in Everett mid to late morning. But they were wrong, it was beautiful here today until around 4pm.

But I did go for a ride, I rode a quick 20 mi out across the Snohomish River Valley. I should have gone further, but I wanted to be sure to beat the rain. I was not real pleased with my progress on my out to Snohomish, a little slower than I wanted. But there was a slight headwind. I felt better on the way back (taking the Ebey Island Route) and was holding a good 20mph clip. I could hardly believe it my eyes, when I came off of Swan Slough and onto the first straightaway on Homeacres Rd, there was a cyclist up ahead! This was an exact reprise of the ride Bri and I rode a few weeks back when we were left embarrassed. This guy was just a few seconds away from rounding the corner onto the bridge onto Ebey so I was prolly 3/4 mi behind. Maybe a little less. But I was gonna catch him. I started pounding out a cadence and was holding a good 23 mph for the rest of the ride to Hwy 2. And I caught him, right at the very top of the Hwy 2 bridge.

Is it weird that I get this competitive with people that are not even aware we're racing?

I came home and turned on the 'hawks game. Then I ate an entire bag of Tim's Cascade Style Jalepeno Chips. Crikey, they were delicious. But that's 1200 calories I certainly didn't need. There were a couple pints of ale in there too. Ugh, I havn't felt very well since either. I've been fairly good about my diet lately. I should have know this wouldn't sit well.

Hopefully we can get some weather breaks this week and I get back into a decent routine again.