To my homey Pascal. I will describe my LSD ride ala Pascal-style...

P1: Crash truly loved the 61 miler with Chugg & Gerald.

P2: To my homey Chris from Ventroux. It is currently 4:16 pm, 12/30/07. I will grant you the next 7 hrs and 44 mins to get a leg up on training for the Tour de Mukilteo. After that, you will only be competing for 2nd place this year. That head start also applies for everyone else competing this upcoming year. Crash Davis & I start tomorrow.

P3: Great route yesterday. Totally amazing. Only one shortfall. No hills! Next ride incorporates Forest Park & Glenwood Ave. Next ride after that; North Everett & Legion Park!

P4: MVR (most valuable rider) - Susie Ro. $20 bill in Gerald's back pocket.

P5: I almost bonked on the ride home. MVR gave me two gels that saved my life.

P6: By April 1st, Michael, Chugg, Crash, and I will have the century ride figured out and then some.

P7: This morning, I woke up feeling as though I just got back from visiting the most luxurious spa. Is this how the other half lives?

P8: I can't wait for my next ride!!!

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