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This weather is a tremendous buzzkill. Snow is pretty and all, but it's less than conducive to cycling. While not quite as roused up and focused on a training regimen as Bri, I am excited to get into better shape and show these hills just what I can bring.

But the meteorologists say I likely won't have a chance to get back out there until we build high pressure...next week. We havn't been able to take Crash and Chugg out for a ride in few weeks, and Chugg still hasn't been introduced to Marge B. (don't worry, these nicknames are a little strange and confusing to me too).

We closed the office down early on Christmas Eve though, I was off an hour and a half early. And there was weather break, the streets were wet still but the sun was out. I couldn't not get out for a ride. I rode out to Snohomish and back, took the Lowell-Larimer Rd out and Ebey Island on the way back (on the maps, from my house:bright red out: green back). I was a little slower than I wanted while in the red, but there was a fair amount of traffic too. Once I hit the green I didn't hardly see another car until I hit Hwy2. And I was flying! I hit Homeacres road and shifted up into a fairly difficult gear but I was holding a nice 90+ rpm cadence. I just steeled myself and wasn't going to downshift or slow my rpm until I hit the hwy. And I didn't. I was cruising at 21-22 mph the whole of that last 4 or 5 miles. That boosted my avg speed for the trip to 17.4 mph. Not bad, I'm pleased with myself at any rate.

I had a chance to try out my new Hind booties on that ride too. I am a fan. While they are a little difficult to don, and look a little a lot dorky, my toes were not too cold or numb at all.

Last week i rode the Goat Trail solo a few more times. I do enjoy that ride. On Friday I went bottom to top in 12 minutes.

Now I just need to get to the point where the sight of St. Andy doesn't just quash my confidence. I don't enjoy that climb.


I just need some better weather.

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