First Hill

And I don't mean Pill Hill. Harbour Heights in Mukilteo. After being out of commission last week from a herniated disk and leg injury and subsequent psycho roid rage, I am somehow talked into doing an army PT training session followed by Harbour Heights Hill in the rain. Had not been with Gerald since the 61 miler but had to admit, instant joy on getting back on the saddle. You feel like flying. Brian a.k.a. "the Sheepdog" would hear none of my whining and gives slightly annoying though still encouraging chatter without a hint of panting throughout the climb, throughout which I felt on the verge of coming to a standstill before plowing backwards, unable to clip out. My obituary would say, found wearing neon, spandex, and lobster claws on Harbour Heights Rd. And that is the "easy" leg of the Tour de Mukilteo. A few minutes of coughing up the other lung, then a trip to Gregg's Cycle shop in Alderwood (mmmm GEAR) to get a fender and new tubes. That is a good day. You cannot pay enough for the privilege of coughing up a lung in such fashion.

Watched American Flyer again. What happened to David Grant? Can you imagine working at Home Depot for 4 years, then the government boycotts the Olympics. It beats having to blame yourself. Nothing like a good battle against burly bearded Soviets with '80's music beating in the background. Res firma mitescere nescit (hope I got that right).

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thewidowmaker said...

First, I just want to reassure our fellow STP teammates, Susie's "psycho raging roids" refer to steroids for back spasms, not hemorroids, the condition where you are bleeding from the buttocks.

Next, Susie definitely gets the white jersey for ascending Harbour Heights Hill (aka Houston or Work Hill) in the rain, nonetheless! However, we do need to work with her on the descent. Her average downhill speed was 3 mph, with a MAX speed of 3.5 mph. (There was a gust of wind).

As for American Flyers? I too watched the movie this past week, spinning late at night with Costner. Last third of the movie was great, but personally I did not care for the phrase, "Res Firma Mitescera Nescit" - "Once You Get It Up - Keep It Up", for it sounds more like a slogan more appropriate for Viagara or Cialis. But that viewpoint probably reflects more on where my mind usually resides...