K. Yesterday's Century Ride? No dice. Y? Widowmaker Hubris? Perhaps, a litte bit. Scapegoat would be Crash Davis, and Crash's puncture around mile 19, but this is 2008, so no excuses. After Saturday's 61 miler, I felt like I could conquer the world on the bike. Me & Crash. However, while my buddy Michael was busy changing my rear inner tube, I could feel my motivation for the 100 mile ride gradually slip away.

I believe the answer lies within my buddy Chris' last post. Why even attempt the 100 mile ride? Why bother? The answer to my whys become apparent pretty quick on New Year's Day. The answer is I'm not sure. Ultimately, TheGuth & I completed a 35 mile ride after the flat. Going out, we were averaging around 16 mph. Coming back, we were averaging well over 18 mph. (20-21 for awhile and believe you me, I felt every pedal stroke).

So now I'm at the point where I desire a mixture of hills, distance, and speed. That is my cup of tea. Maybe I'll reach the point where that will be encompassed in a 100 miler, but honestly I think that won't happen until I am retired and have all day long to hang out with Crash. So... My disappoint with Crash was short lived. I scolded him with a swift "Fuck" at the point of puncture. I'm sorry Crash. Now, I believe he was doing me a favor. Also, punctures don't bother me much anymore. What is 20 min, in the big picture in life? Not that much. I learned I need to slow down a bit. Thanks Crash for that lesson.

I will conclude this post with what everyone really wants to hear. My product reviews. The padded undies were outstanding. Walking around though, to and from the car, makes me respect women and their maxi-pads. My toe covers worked, but sucked because they keep falling off. Probably because I have recessed mt. bike shoes. Padded gloves rock, but I exchanged them at Gregg's today because there was a loose stitch. Great customer service. Finally, my Gel taste test? Sorry, but I only had one vanilla Gel. Yummy & easy to eat while riding...

TO: Chris & Jay
RE: Davis Challenge 2008

Please don't hurt the bunnies. Instead of the rabbits, take my stoopid Pearl Izumi toe covers and have your way with them!!!

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