juss sayin

so. anyways. i'm a bit drunk right now. two scotches (three fingers) and mor than a few glasses a wine.

but you know what?! I met somebody with their own wikipedia entry. right now I'm watching American Dad, but for the last few hours Kinnard & I (& half of the QT, but mostly Kinnard & I) have been down in the Pump Room. And we've been hanging out with this guy. When we told him we were some heavy hitters from Seattle he tells us he pretty much built the Space Needle (you might have heard of it). He comes in every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday (for the last 48 years). He hangs right at the corner of the bar and drinks a Grey Goose and Orange, Up. He introduced us to this other cat that owns Wilson's (the busiest restaurant in the Windy City, third busiest in the World, according to Max).

As full of his own retired self as he is, this guy is awesome. If there's anything I can drink, or smoke, so that I wind up sounding like this guy, just tell me. I'm willing.

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thewidowmaker said...

What happens in the pump room, stays in the pump room?