Snow v. The Geared Out Riders

In the early morning Sunday showdown, Snow v. The Geared Out Riders, Snow won out. Susie, Brian, & The Guth cancelled their planned 50 miler on the Centennial Trail. However, they did not go down without a fight. TGOR attempted to out flank Snow by driving southeast to the Sammamish River Trail. TGOR had to make a pit stop, because one vehicle had to be de-iced with a UA Mileage Plus card. The conditions were worse on the Eastside, so TGOR packed up and went home. Just off HWY 525, there were four car accidents. In fact, the end of HWY 525 was closed because a pickup truck was upside down! Snow had quite a day.

Even though TGOR was unable to ride, the perseverance and drive shown is a sign that these riders are not to be messed with. How's that? The soft comforts of life like sleeping in late Sunday morning, reading the newspaper with coffee and Splenda, being inside a heated home, were all sacrificed by these dedicated cyclists. Also, there were several notable off-road changes made. Brian officially retired the name "thewidowmaker". He nows rides "Crash". The Guth officially commissioned his ride, "Chugg" and Susie has hinted "Gerald" maybe out and "Marge B" might be in. Stay tuned.

Finally, one writing correction from yesterday's entry. Three-In-a Row included D2D, D2D v. 2.0, and D2D v. 4.0 (Goat Loop Trail). D2D v. 3.0 is Picnic Point forward.

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