Three-In-A Row

Wednesday's D2D route, I managed up Houston the leader. This fact didn't occur to me until I got home after work. It was the first time WM got up before The Guth. D2D version 4.0 (version 2.0 = up Houston and around Mukilteo Spdwy & HP Blvd / version 3.0 = up Picnic Pt and back home) again I led the way. So now I'm conscious of this. WM's law. 3 times = a habit. So Fri., D2D version 2.0 I actually seek out first man-up Houston. All is well. I create separation. The Guth is well behind. I reach the top of Houston. I feel okay. I will be close to 4 min flat. Life is good. I figure work is done & now maintain pace / cadence. I don't skate, but I don't redline either. Look to see how far back The Guth is. I turn over my shoulder to find my amigo accelerating past me at a speed I can not maintain. Instantly, I know it ain't meant to be. Welcome to pre-season! I am riding with the reigning Tour De Mukilteo Champion. This is quite an honor. Really it is. So I press on. What is my silver lining? I rode D2D, D2D v.2.0, and D2D v.3.0. Three-In-A Row!!!

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TheGuth said...

take heed, i'll do everything i can to prevent the hat trick. tho, this coming from the same guy who lost 8 straight foosball games this week.

hey, i gotta win something once in a while. friday was just my day in the sun, broke two losing streaks.