But when does it get Easy?

So Bri and I took Crash and Chugg out for a 68 mi trip on Sunday and it was great. We were mighty hungry by the end, but it was an overall very enjoyable ride. Can't wait to do more LSD trips. We took it easy Monday (apart from the hundreds of pushups/situps I'm doing daily to prep for the upcoming Davis Challenge, naturally). On Tues Bri made me run again (ugh). On Wed I rode in to work with Chugg.

But now I'm confused.

When is this going to get easy?

I was struggling, the long climb up the speedway was achy, and I was nearly at the top when I realized I was in a gear two clicks up from where I thought I was. Demoralizing. Then, at lunchtime we took Crash and Chugg out for the ol' D2D-1 route, and it was painful. I granny-geared up Picnic Point, granny-geared up the switchback and it took everything I had to granny-gear it up St. Andy's, and I turned in a terrible time to boot. I won't even bother logging in the time (I forgot to keep very accurate times anyhoo).

We've been cycling casually a few times a week, with longer rides every other weekend or so: shouldn't we be Lance by now? Or at least a Hincapie? What are we doing wrong?

I have a theory:



--[whispered: I think St. Andrew's Blvd is actually evil.]

It must be. There's just no other explanation. Somebody must have rustled the bones of an old Team ONCE rider or something. And now the hill itself is conspiring to bring down any rider that dare attempt the fool ascent.

Either that, or all the pro riders are doping. Which I'm sure isn't the case.

On the way home though, I did have a more pleasant ride. The fell spirits left me alone and I felt fast for once in the day. Course I did have some help. Someone was buzzing in my ear the whole way and urging me forward.

hint: It was the Wu-Tang Clan.


thewidowmaker said...

Ya know, it's a good thing BDavis is a member of this Bad News Bears STP TEAM 2008. Chris and Michael are the strong riders, Susie is the talented rookie rider, but now it's apparent that I'm the brains of this team. Allow me to answer your question, "But when does it get Easy"?

Answer is: It doesn't. That's life. Some things are never meant to be easy. Ever buy a Penthouse Magazine? A box of condoms? Scrub down the shower walls? Trim your cat's claws? Get a toddler to take a bath? Clean a BBQ grill? Well, you can go ahead and add Climbing St. Andrews to that list too.

Personally, D2D v.1 is just about the hardest physical challenge I've ever encountered. Seriously. So, I'm at peace with the fact that it won't ever get easier. However, I have learned to enjoy & endure it. Now, instead of DREAD, I'm honestly LOOKING FORWARD to that ride.

Oh, and don't worry Michael, you're definitely NOT getting slower. I predict a Comfortable sub-38 min ride, late March or early April. Ride On!!!

Gerald Rizzer said...

Yes, I do believe St. Andrews is evil, though Mr. Rizzer has yet to attempt it. I agree life never gets easier. But to compare this with buying a penhouse or giving a toddler a bath, come on now......