Candy wants new shoes damnit

I'm trying to alternate lunch runs and bike rides up the nearest butte so that I don't dissapoint Sgt Hulka Brian too badly (This is in between the literally dozens of sit ups and push ups I'm doing). I went to grab the single speed commuter this morning and heard a funny rattle, so I think I'll look for a loose spoke. It was pretty easy to spot the one that had snapped and was sticking out to the side. I'm guessing it was the Jan Ullrich like amounts of force I applied mashing up the hill and had nothing to do with metal fatigue. I've been promising her new shoes for a while, so I guess we'll head to the bike store this weekend and get a new rear wheel built up. I hope they have the pink hubs in stock. Or maybe Isabella cut the spoke so she could get out this morning.

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thewidowmaker said...

Glad to hear you are riding up the local buttes Chris. I'm also more impressed with your dedicated commuting habits, now that I've ridden on ice, in rain, cold, and wind. Although I don't shy away from the elements during the weekend, it's hard to imagine being committed everyday. Also, no doubt in my mind, Isabella was somehow involved with the broken spoke incident. Finally, here's a training tip. Want to be St. Andrews climbing ready? Ride up the steepest butte in Eugene with a gallon sized Ziploc bag over your head.