Chris Andrejko Commuter Challenge

Description: Ride to work in 4 to 5 inches of snow and ice. Points are deducted for crashing due to icey conditions or using knobby tires. This years winner: Chris Andrejko. Second place: the girl in the down vest with horn rimmed glasses (though she had no idea the conditions waiting for her on the bike path when I passed her going the other way. It made the iced over roads seem downright navigable. Still the only other person I saw hard body enough to get on their bike this morning, so props to her.) This years MVP (AKA the Laurence Maroney Realest Bike Ever Award) is Candy who looked good doing it while flossing her rebuilt rear wheal (Sittin on Deuce-6's for real). This years losers: People with heated car seats and/or all wheel drive.


thewidowmaker said...

Okay Andrejko, I'm going to be nice and concede the Laurence "Kool-Aid" Maroney Award to you & Candy for your commute today, but it's only because of the pic you posted of Candy. Very nice.

I thought for sure I would be the champ of toughness today. Wiped off overnight snow fall in my shorts at 5 am so I could get to the gym and lift weights. Lunchtime run in the snow & mush up the hill. Evening 7 mile road march with 45 lb pack. Bloody underwear from bad chafing (needed that butt'r), two gigantic blisters, and sore back. Thought for sure I'd win the "Hooah" award, but guess I got disqualified for using heated seat warmers in auto.

Gerald Rizzer said...

Bloody underwear is one thing but I don't think any injuries incurred in the army PT training count. You can haul 45 lb backpacks on your own time, but doesn't count toward cycling fur.

Signed, another use of heated carseats