Green River

They say that during strenuous exercise you can lose up to two quarts of water per hour. What I didn't realize was from where all this fluid was exiting my body.

It comes out my nose.

In the form of snot. Lots and lots of it.

Brian and I rode a nice fast hilly 40 today (40.02 actually). We chewed plenty of scenery. Including my own little "Phlegm Falls." Dribbling down my face all morning long and drip-splattering off my top tube was three hours of free flowing mucus. It wasn't to be stopped. And terry-thumbed gloves only absorb so much. If only I was drawn to recycle the flow better I would have little need for supplementary fluid intake.

Also, I should mention that since I've started daily blasting my pecs in prep for the Davis Challenge I've been feeling much healthier, much stronger. But I'm not the only one noticing, I'm also turning more heads. I've even started modeling a little. You can catch some my latest work here.


thewidowmaker said...

Dr. Susie, here's my diagnosis:

Deviated septum

Patient Michael, here's my prognosis:

Stay highly hydrated to make up for the fluid loss. Preferably with a brown ale like Newcastle. It's The One and Only.

Brian "House" Davis

Chris from Ventoux said...

Me and the other guys in the brotherhood have been getting a lot less flack from the Nortenos on the yard since we started with the pushups and situps. Plus, Whiteboy Bob took a shiv to the pecs that would have killed him three months ago and he only had to spend 2 days in the infirmary!! He'll still be in the hole for a while though...