Pain Threshold

So I'm learning how to deal with pain. This past week, I stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, and I've cut out fast food. I also picked up some Crest white-strips at Target the other day, since my teeth have browned a lot ever since I started drinking Venti drips every morning. These strips make my teeth quite sensitive. 

So where am I going with all this? Hunger headaches + achy teeth + alcohol withdraw = an uncomfortable Brian. However, I now compare all my pain with pain felt on Crash. That is my new standard. Ow, my head aches. Aw, that's nothing compared to climbing Goat Loop Trail. Damn, hot tea makes my teeth hurt. Suck it up, St. Andrews is so much worse. That is my new way to manage pain. Try it sometime, it really works! I am training hard for the Davis Challenge. By doing so, I will be in great shape this upcoming cycling season. If I'm in great shape, I can win the 2008 Tour de Mukilteo...

Sunday morning, Chugg & Crash have a tour date. Planning on a 60+ miler, at LSD pace, with some hills thrown in in the beginning of the ride. So I headed out to Greggs Cycles again after work to get my flat repaired. Three flats in four rides. That's a 75% puncture rate. At that rate, I doubt CPS, (Cycling Protection Services) would allow me to continue to ride Crash. 

So I walk IN to get the tube replaced, and I walk OUT with two new tires, a new tube, and fenders! That's right, Crash has fenders!!! I am so proud. So now I'm really excited to report back on my upcoming Sunday ride. (A short side note; I bought cheap tires. My reasoning is tires are Crash's shoes. Just like running, I buy mid-level running shoes because I always replace them every 4 months. That's what I plan to do with tires). Well, great customer service once again. No charge for the tube, or labor to put on the new tires. Why? They changed my last tire, and felt responsible for not insisting that I get new tires. So, Sat am, another PT Test, Sat pm, watch the Seahawks, and eat for Sunday's ride. Sunday, a 60 miler, and I wouldn't even mind seeing a few raindrops.

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