When Weiss was just a little rugrat, whenever he said "T", that meant "Thank You".  I will do the same...

T Jennifer Methany.  T for enrolling at the Univ. of Oregon in Eugene, to pursue your PhD.  By doing so, lazy Chris discovered the world of cycling and then introduced me to the cycling bug.

T Michael Guthrie.  T for convincing me to buy beer after our ride today, when you said incredulously, "I can't believe you aren't going to drink any beer tonight"!

T German lawmakers.  T for enacting such strict water purity laws for your beer makers that makes St. Pauli Girl beer taste so delicious.

T Mi Yong.  T for having a big pot of chili on the stove, waiting for me when I got home.

T Snohomish Park & Recreation Committee.  T for allowing horses on the Centennial Trail.  Today I saw a horse trotting for the very first time.  

T Puget Sound Area.  T for being absolutely gorgeous today.  From the Puget Sound, to the sunlit Cascades, to the raging Snohomish river.  Unbelievably scenic.

T Chris Andrejko.  T for being my biking Muse.  I am training so very hard to beat you in the 2008 Tour de Mukilteo.  Again.

T Crash.  T for taking me 68 miles.  That's approximately riding from Mukilteo to Olympia.  You only had one unlucky puncture, with that stoopid piece of metal.  At least it happened near a bench overlooking the river.  T for giving me the most enjoyable ride I've had so far on a bike! 

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